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Knives Out movie poster

Knives Out

Very well shot, well acted (especially Daniel Craig, who makes the flick sing). An Agatha Christie novel – just not written by Agatha Christie. A-

Dark Waters movie poster

Dark Waters

See the film, boycott Dupont Products. Whatever they paid in fines and reparations, it wasn’t enough. Mark Ruffalo was excellent. B+

Richard Jewell movie poster

Richard Jewell

Clint Eastwood is my hero. A hundred and seven years old and he’s still chopping wood, shoveling snow, and making terrific films. Paul Walter Hauser as Jewell is especially good. A-

The Intruder movie poster

The Intruder

Nothing very fresh or interesting here. You could predict the entire story after watching ten minutes. C-

Shaft movie poster


I have a vague memory of the original shaft and remember kind of being amused. The new Shaft seems wrong-headed. The main character is unlikeable. The dialogue isn’t believable or funny enough, and the direction is a little wooden. Other than that, it’s ok. C

Rambo movie poster


Stallone’s acting (at least the dialogue scenes) is better here than it’s been in the past. (I’m not even sure what that means). Stereotuping Mexicans seems all wrong to me. Also the violence is very very graphic. C

Joker movie poster

The Joker

If you’re feeling a little suicidal, and want to feel a lot suicidal, this is your movie. I can’t decide whether it’s an A or an F.

Downton Abbey movie poster

Downton Abbey

The movie feels like two episodes of the PBS TV show. The film is lush, the dialogue very British, it’s a high soap from beginning to end. C+ for Episode 1. A- for Episode 2.

Ad Astra movie poster

Ad Astra

Personally, I’m tired of watching astronauts floating in space and chit-chatting in claustrophobic rocket ships. Also, I don’t entirely understand casting the very handsome Brad Pitt and then putting a space helmet over his face. I also don’t get why a studio would release an expensive film and allow it to be called Ad Astra. B-


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