James Patterson – Coming Releases

Coming Releases

  • America’s top lawyer is on trial for murdering his beautiful wife. Biloxi’s best criminal defense attorney has never lost a case. Then his wife is murdered, and he becomes the #1 suspect.  Stafford Lee Penney is a small-town lawyer with… Read More

  • This “celebration of the world of books” (Kirkus) serves up “comfort food for bookworms” (Publishers Weekly) in true stories from the booksellers and librarians—the superheroes of reading—as told to the greatest storyteller of our time, James Patterson.   To be… Read More

  • From #1 New York Times bestselling author James Patterson, Bill Robinson returns to the rocky shores of Massachusetts where he must solve a string of murders if he wants to save his inn. The doors of the Inn at Gloucester… Read More

  • A serial killer is rampaging all over San Francisco, and someone is trying to kill the Women’s Murder Club. Will Cindy, Claire, Yuki and young mother Lindsay still be standing when the clock strikes midnight? ​ SFPD Sergeant Lindsay Boxer, Medical Examiner Claire… Read More

  • The biggest thriller of 2024: A history-making eruption is about to destroy the Big Island of Hawaii. But a secret held for decades by the US military is far more terrifying than any volcano. Michael Crichton, creator of Jurassic Park and Westworld, had… Read More

  • The impossible life of Tiger Woods—how did he become the GOAT, and what drove him to fall so spectacularly? In Patterson’s hands, Tiger’s story is a hole-in-one thriller.   Tiger Woods is unrivaled as an athlete. He made the ultimate… Read More

  • Last year, Jane Smith was given 12 Months to Live. Now, her mission to catch a killer is bigger than her diagnosis, or the assassins on her trail.Attorney Jane Smith is mounting an impossible criminal defense. Her client, Rob Jacobson, is… Read More

  • An attorney and mother of two discovers her husband's secret life—and it might cost them all their lives. Everyone in Hemingway Grove, Illinois, knows David and Marcie Bowers.    David owns the local pub.    Marcie is a former big-city… Read More

  • From the authors of Walk in My Combat Boots, bravery and selflessness are literally defined in these riveting first-person tales from our nation’s greatest heroes.  The astonishing stories, told in their own words, from recipients of the U.S. military’s distinguished… Read More