Penguins of America

Penguins of America

BY James Patterson & Jack Patterson with Florence Yue

A lavishly illustrated, humorous book from the world's #1 bestselling writer and his son that shows how humans and penguins really aren't that different after all.

Penguins—our lovable, cute, flightless friends who are constantly dressed for a formal occasion—have always fascinated humans. As we shuffle through life one day at a time, it's easy to take things far too seriously, but when we see penguins taking a walk in our shoes it's impossible not to recognize how silly we can actually be. Featuring humorous illustrations with captions that show penguins in the day-to-day situations that we've all experienced—from a relaxing day at the beach to a stressful morning commute—PENGUINS OF AMERICA is a hilarious and charming send-up of daily life.

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Penguins of America
Adult/Picture Book Fiction
ISBN: 0316346993
64 pages
Little, Brown and Company
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