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In the Loop

This is a very f–ing funny movie, and if anything in this sentence offends you, you probably shouldn't see it.

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The Ugly Truth

Catherine Heigl and Gerard Butler are definitely movie stars and this comedy has its moments for sure, but it's also a sloppy piece of work. A lot of the scenes are flat, as are several of the takes.

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Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince

This movie is beautifully photographed and richly imagined but it leaves me with a nagging question: have the Harry Potter movies outgrown the children they were originally created for?

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Funny People

When Sue and I were leaving the theater just about everybody was complaining that the movie was too long. Some thought 20 minutes, one person said an hour. I didn't have any real problem with the length, but some of you might. It's an interesting notion to try to combine comedy and drama in the same flick and I kind of got caught up in that. I guess I could have used a hair less drama.

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