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Madea Goes to Jail

The good news is that the character Madea is funnier than ever here—the bad news is that, in my opinion anyway, Tyler Perry is not doing a very good job writing and directing the other parts of the film. He is obviously a very talented guy, but the past films had more heart, and the soap operas were handled with more skill. However—the parts with Madea are well worth the price of admission.

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Fired Up!

I can't believe I see all the movies that I do. I'd take it up with my shrink if I had a shrink. It seems that this movie was probably put together at least partly because of the marketing opportunities. But I think the marketing is totally wrong-headed. A lot of the girls who like cheerleading movies aren't going to like that the point-of-view is from two horndogs. And guys interested in the horndog point-of-view are not going to want to see a cheerleading movie. Having said all that, the movie has its moments.

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