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I Feel Pretty

I always like Amy Schumer movies. And this is no exception. It’s charming, funny, and has a nice message. The only problem is that when folks walk out of the movie the world probably isn’t going to change that much. A-

Truth or Dare

This feels like a low end rip-off of a Blumhouse horror flick – which are usually extremely well done. The problem is that this is a Blumhouse production. C

Isle of Dogs

I always enjoy Wes Anderson’s movies and this is another one that is superior in terms of humor and wonderful art direction. B+


I suspect that whoever put this movie together was very familiar with the Zoo TV series. The direction is definitely better, but the special effects are just as cheesy. Just love that monster alligator climbing up the side of a skyscraper. On the other hand, I always enjoy seeing Dwayne Johnson. B-

Avengers: Infinity War

I’m not a big comic-book-movies fan, but the story in Infinity War keeps bubbling along and you stay involved. I was a much bigger fan of BLACK PANTHER – which really separated itself with its morality and ethics. I wish these movies could entertain and give us something to think about. B

Breaking In

The story is a little paint by the numbers, but it’s well done anyway. There are twists and surprises and good performances – including my old friend from ZOO, Billy Burke. B+


Maybe somewhere, sometime in a galaxy far, far away I’ll get into the Star Wars movies. Or maybe not. B-

Deadpool 2

I liked DP1. DP2, not so much. Maybe because the lampooning of comic book movies didn’t seem as fresh or original this time. Or maybe because the gratuitous violence overwhelmed the humor. At any rate, at the end of the movie (Spoiler alert! Spoiler alert!) I kept thinking, “please let Deadpool really be dead, please let Deadpool really be dead!” C+

Hotel Artemis

There’s nothing wrong with this film, but there’s also not quite enough right with it. The big mystery is how they got Jodi Foster and Jeff Goldblum to sign up for the flick. C+

Ocean’s 8

Sue and I both felt this was our favorite of the Ocean’s movies. Sharp opening scenes, sags a bit in the middle, logic lapses down the stretch. But all in all, a terrifically entertaining heist film.A-

Jurassic World

I don’t know why I keep getting sucked into sequel upon sequel upon sequel of movie franchises. This one maintains interest from beginning to end. B

Sicario: Day of the Soldado

Not nearly as good as the first Sicario – we miss Emily Blunt – but still worth a couple of hours.B


Unlike most of the movies out there, this one is actually worth a visit. A-


I always enjoy Dwayne Johnson but the parts are starting to blend together. I was never bored by Skyscraper but I also wasn’t enthralled.B-

Leave No Trace

Solid, pure. A little slow. Not as good as the director’s previous masterpiece (Winter’s Bone). B

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