Movie Reviews 2018, January 25th

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Professor Marston and the Wonder Women

Smart, affecting biopic about the Harvard professor who created the comic book character Wonder Woman – and the two wondrous women he loved. B+


Well done, if slightly claustrophobic and soapy biopic about a man paralyzed by polio who courageously changed the way society in England dealt with the problem. Andrew Garfield and Claire Foy are terrific. B+

The Snowman

Gorgeous photography (of Norway), a very strong cast, in one of the more incoherent thrillers I’ve seen. What a waste of talent and a fine book by Jo Nesbø. D-

Only the Brave

Lively film based on a harrowing true story about firefighters in Arizona. Stunning cast led by Jennifer Connelly, Josh Brolin, and Jeff Bridges. B+

Pick of the Week

Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri

Nicely shot, nicely dialogued, lots of f-bombs in case those bother you. One of the better movies this year. A-

Roman J. Israel, Esq.

Denzel Washington is the best, but this wasn’t one of his best. The film is flat in too many places. C+

Pick of the Week

Lady Bird

Pretty terrific coming-of-age set in Sacramento. Academy Award possibility? A-

Pick of the Week

The Novitiate

One of the most honest examinations of faith I’ve come across in a long time. Not for everyone though. This is not Iron Man or Raiders of the Lost Ark. A

Pick of the Week

The Shape of Water

It’s a miracle that Guillermo del Toro could pull this off – a truly romantic story of love between a woman and a sea monster. A

All the Money in the World

83-year-old Christopher Plummer is amazing! Otherwise, kind of a bore. Well-shot, though. Go Ridley! B-

Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle

I liked Dwayne Johnson and Kevin Hart, but the onslaught of dumb movies like this is depressing. C+

Star Wars: The Last Jedi

Just not my cuppa tea. Never has been. Sorry Star Wars fans. B

Pick of the Week

Molly’s Game

Aaron Sorkin can really, really write, and he’s not a bad director. Molly’s Story loses a little steam, for me, in the second half. A-

Pick of the Week


Probably my favorite movie this year. Smart, funny, sad, a miracle. Margot Robbie and Allison Janney are extraordinary. The direction by Craig Gillespie (J. Walter Thompson alum) is flawless as well. A

Pick of the Week


I pretty much like anything Christian Bale appears in. I’m also a fan of Rosamund Pike who I saw when she was a young star in a play in London. This is a violent movie, but a powerful one. Some people will feel it’s just a macho daydream – but I think to some extent it defines where macho comes from. People tend to change when they go through war. A-

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