Movie Reviews 2017, November 2nd

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For me, the movie, It, captures what I will always consider vintage Stephen King: tight, tense storytelling with dialogue that sparkles and charms. The guy can write. A-

American Made

Hey, I like Tom Cruise and I also like director Doug Liman’s movies. My problem with American Made is that I’ve seen way too many flicks featuring knuckleheads getting rich on drug money. This is a bigger story than that, but still, that’s what’s featured on the big screen. B

Battle of the Sexes

Good performances by Emma Stone and Steve Carell. Strong, but familiar story about Billie Jean King and Bobby Riggs. No mistakes, but no great scenes either. B

Blade Runner

This was a dazzling film – until Harrison Ford showed up in the last quarter. No fault of Ford’s, but the wheels got wobbly once he appeared. It also seemed – to me – that the writer or director wanted to make a statement that Blade Runner 2049 is serious art rather than just great popcorn. Hey, I was really digging the popcorn. B+

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