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Get Out

Definitely the freshest horror film in a while. Interesting to me how seeing a world that's this black and white (literally) is met with so much approval by the critics. A-

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John Wick: Chapter 2

Eliminate a couple hundred murders (I'm not exaggerating) and this would be a fun thriller. Kind of wicked and witty. B

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A United Kingdom

A powerful story on the history of Africa. Terrific performances. A bit too much Hollywood whitewash. B+

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The LEGO Batman Movie & Fist Fight

Let's deal with these two flicks as a double feature. I'll admit I'm not 10 years old anymore. I enjoyed the first LEGO movie, but this one—for me—was unrelenting in its political correctness. C- Fist Fight, while funny at times, was depressingly politically incorrect. C-

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Fist Fight
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Fifty Shades Darker

Well, I beat my time for the original Fifty Shades and lasted through 37 minutes. Incomplete

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