Rebecca L.

Second Place Winner

My favorite book, Mists of Avalon by Marion Zimmer Bradley, has had a great inspiration on my desired path of architecture. Bradley created the fantastical, mystical world of Avalon in her own way that has always left me in a great sense of awe and wonderment of what I could create. It inspires me to be creative with what I could design as both residential and economical buildings as architecture is just another means of creation with design rather than words. The time period of Arthurian Legends has always fascinated me, and her fine novel brought out my curiosity more, inspiring a more modern style of the described castles of the High King, Lords, and Dukes of Great Britain in the sixth century. I tend to enjoy working with towers and a very central based structure, but adding in my own touches to give it a more modern feel, just as Bradley put her own twist on the mystical land of Avalon.

Another source of inspiration though her book was the strength that the women in it showed as Avalon was a place where woman were held to a much higher regard than they were during that time period. Architecture is vastly dominated by men as most of the famous architects around the world are men, such as Frank Lloyd Wright and Antonio Gaudi, but Mists of Avalon has given me inspiration to exceed expectations and do my best to design buildings of all types to insert myself into the world of architecture, female or not. I want to show I can be just as architecturally creative as any man, and her book has given me the sense that I can accomplish that on one form of scale or another.

I've always been a great lover of books, but none have inspired me in the way Marion Zimmer Bradley's book Mists of Avalon has. It has both inspired me as an aspiring architect and as a woman pursuing her dream and life goals. I am very lucky to have found out about the book and received so much more from it than just the beautifully written tale of old Great Britain and King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table. The inspiration I have received will be a life lesson and goal I can always work to reach to attain.