Jennifer R.

Second Place Winner

My favorite book is not by James Patterson (ha, I bet I'm already disqualified from the contest), but it honestly gave me a new outlook on my future. My teachers and talents have been actually guided me the most towards the major I've decided upon, chemical engineering. With my abilities in science (chemistry being my best subject) and math, my natural curiosity for gadgets, and my aversion to literature class, engineering seemed like an obvious choice. Now, I have a distaste for my English classes but that doesn't in anyway mean that I dislike to read. I just hate using my brainpower to overthink the symbolism in novels; I'd much rather figure out a calculus problem.

So, back to my favorite novel, The Book Thief by Markus Zusak. I am not sure if you are familiar with the story (if you are not, i would highly suggest it to anyone over the age of 12), but in the story a girl overcomes many heartbreaking obstacles. One of the more significant obstacles for the girl is learning to read. This character did not only overcome her struggle with literacy, but loved reading so much she "borrowed" books (see the title...) and eventually began writing her own. Her passion for words never stopped, even after she had been through so much. I want to find that same passion in my own studies and career.

Engineering has no tangible tie with The Book Thief; but the novel's inspiring theme is universal. Simply put: use your interests and talents to develop a career that will not burden you, but delight you.