Rashaun B.

First Place Winner

I was given the book, Think Big by Ben Carson, around the time that my mother had abandoned me at age eleven. Throughout my life I have always been interested in reading success stories of individuals who came from difficulties and poverty and eventually became successful people. Ben Carson is a world-renowned surgeon, who successfully separate Siamese twins. His accomplishments are the first things that captivated me as I aspire to become a neurosurgeon one day.

In his book, he details various accounts and events of his life. Carson grew up in inner-city Detroit, Michigan, with a single mother. In his book he describes how he got to obtain the success he has today. When reading the book I was interested both in how exactly he became the successful person he is today and his views on being a surgeon. I initially had a notion that he had to know a lot of well-known surgeons at world-class schools and expend a lot of money. Some of my predictions proved to be wrong as I read the book. What I was most astonished by is that the little things seemed to have the most impact. He found that doing things like believing in yourself, taking risks, critically thinking and being humble proved to have the most impact on his future and development.

When reading the book, I was fascinated by his accounts of doing surgery on patients. He was elated when he had saved a life, or improved someone's life. In the book he stated that he did not always know how the outcome was going to be, but he held faith and determination as he tried to save a life. Carson described the separation of Siamese twins as a major accomplishment in his lifetime, and says that it was one of most joyful parts of his life.

I want to utilize the life that I have to make the world a better place and improve the lives of other people. Because I have grown up with difficulties and hardships throughout my life, at times I have thought that it would be impossible for me to reach the success that Carson achieved. I have been inspired by Carson to become the best surgeon that I can be. Carson has proved that nothing is impossible and that I must stay determined and uses every opportunity available to help me reach my future aspirations and goals. People like Ben Carson show that achieving your goals is not impossible and that it is up to me to charter my own future. As I continue my progress, Carson's words of inspiration will continue to encourage and inspire me, because I believe nothing is unachievable if I give it my total dedication and determination.