Halie W.

Hutchinson, Kansas

Reading has been a huge part of my education since I started kindergarten, but it really took off when my mom began homeschooling my siblings and me when I was in the 4th grade. Although we had our math, science and grammar studies, the main part of our day was spent reading books; whether aloud to each other or listening to a juicy story my mom read to us. I was only homeschooled for two years but during those two years I developed an infatuation for books. My favorite book is The City of Ember by Jane DuPrua. I first read this book in 6th grade and I fell in love with it. The adventure and mystery in this book absolutely captivated me and made me feel like I was literally living in the story.

I have decided to pursue a degree in Elementary Education. While I read The City of Ember, I could picture myself sitting in front of my very own class reading this book to them and having so much fun. I want to share my passion for books with children. I want them to have the same sense of adventure I felt when I was reading The City of Ember. Although I want them to feel that sense of adventure, first they need to feel comfortable reading and not perceive it as a threatening subject. 40 percent of American adults aren't able to read an 8th grade level book and I have the desire to change that. I want as many students as possible to be able to read and read well.

In the United States we take reading for granted. There are very few countries where the kids can walk over to the local library and pick out any book of their liking and read it. Many children in other countries would give anything to be able to read and have access to the books we have here in the US. I want to inspire children here in America to take reading seriously and maybe even get them to send books overseas to people who don't have books.

Reading is such a necessary skill in everyday life and crucial in learning new things. I want more than just to teach kids how to read, I want to show them they that can love to read.